A "Munch" is an informal pub get-together of local BDSMers. Newcomers are always welcome and the only restrictions are that no journalists or cameras are allowed. There are usually a few people near the doorway of any Munch who are ready to introduce and chat to first timers who may walk in.

See the Norwich and Cambridge pages for greater information about the Munches that are held in those cities.

Dress codes vary between Munches, so check the information pages for details. Both the age and social ranges at any Munch are very broad - from students to pensioners - but EABDSM Munches are very well attended and almost everyone fits in somewhere. Imagine a lively and friendly group of diverse people, who all have something important in common.

Most of the time, a Munch is just people talking and renewing old acquaintances, meeting new friends and having a drink. Sometimes there's a bit of flirting wot goes on... normal pub stuff, only a bit kinkier. Most Munch attendees are fairly light drinkers and not many Munch-goers smoke. Drunkenness is not tolerated.

If you're terribly nervous about attending a first Munch, you might find it easier if you visit your local Munch pub to get the "lay of the land" before the Munch night. Alternatively, look at the Meet & Greet page of this site.